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Some high-quality reference documents I've found:
Here are some decent websites I've found with hacks, mods, repairs, and other good information for the HTX100:
Other/Third-Party Parts/Sellers:
If you have other good ones, plese email them to me and I'll link them here.

Q: My HTX-100 LCD display is going black.  How can I replace it?
A: Unfortunately, these are custom displays without any stock left anywhere (as far as I can tell), nor any plans to reproduce them.  I've heard of people trying to reproduce them using alternative displays, but never seen one completed (If you've done this, let us know and we'll put a link to you!)  Perhaps using a Raspberry Pi Zero or Pico with a small OLED would be a neat project someday.  But, for now your best bet to to buy a really-broken radio and take the display out of it to replace yours.  (Here's a video of someone moving toward that, after identifying another issue: